So Why Calibrate?

“So why calibrate?

The analogy used was like bringing home an air conditioner without setting the thermostat. Manufacturers of TVs and projectors want to show the consumer the brightest image, with the most “pop.” In almost all TVs, this sadly means the TV in the store and what you bring home will not reveal proper shadow detail and the color balance will be too blue, adjusted for a less-than-optimal higher Kelvin rating. This is also known as red push.

The ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) mantra was: Dynamic Range, Color Saturation, Colorimetry, and Resolution. So how does one adjust these to optimize settings for a room’s conditions? Can room conditions be improved to create a better picture and audience experience?

Some of the main reasons to properly calibrate TVs and monitors include extending the life of your monitor and reducing energy consumption.”

-Douglas Mechaber

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