December 10, 2015

Calibration Service

When it comes to the picture you see on your screen, you should expect to see what you saw when you bought it from the showroom. We take that expectation seriously.

AVCAS Inc, (Audio Visual Color and Solutions) calibration service will fine tune the image on screen to work with your environment in order to display the brightest picture possible while maintaining industry standard colors and detail, to always ensure the picture your receiving is the whole picture and no interference.

What happens during a calibration?

  • Check all connections and cables in your AV system.
  • Connect calibration equipment to your TV.
  • Take quantifiable measurements of your TV in the pre-calibration state. Document measurements.
  • Adjust your TV using on screen menus and advanced and/or hidden service menus.
  • Connect and adjust all additional components (digital cable, satellite, DVD, Blue-ray, Gaming Systems, AV Receiver, etc….).
  • Take quantifiable post-calibration measurements. Document measurements.
  • Verify calibration with known video content.
  • Review our pre-calibration and post calibration results with you.
  • Answer any and all questions you may have.

Note: All calibration readings from will be provided in PDF format.

AVCAS Inc, (Audio Visual Color and Solutions) has calibration packages to fit your needs. Our video calibrations are preformed to ISF standards. All calibrations are scheduled for 3-4 hours to complete. This time may vary slightly depending on the ease or complexity of the system.

Display + Cable / Sat Box
(1) Display, (1) Cable / Sat box
Level II*
Display, (2) Devices, (2) Picture Modes
(1) Display, (2) Devices, (2) Picture Modes
Level III *
Display, (4) Devices, (2) Picture Modes
(1) Display, (4) Devices, (2) Picture Modes

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