March 14, 2017

Home Automation

Here at AVCAS Inc, (Audio Visual Color and Solutions),  We are taking steps to make your home at smart as you want it to be.

AVCAS Inc. is proud to design and sell automation systems by Savant. Whether your looking for single room control or a whole home system, we can design and build a smarter home at any budget.

Savant systems give you the ability to control all aspects of your home. From lighting to thermostat control. Or create an atmosphere that will control multiple devices with the click of a single button. You will have the ability to control the entire house from the convenience of an app or with a controller.

We are consistently attending conferences, classes and events to stay up to date on the ever changing field so that we can offer our customers to best possible options.

Check out the article below to get a in depth look at all the components of Home Automation:

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