July 25, 2017


If you’re planning to build new corporate headquarters or upgrade an existing location or retail space, you need an experienced partner to ensure that your audiovisual integration is completed flawlessly.

Corporate Headquarters Audiovisual Integration 

AVCAS Inc. can automate your Corporate Boardroom or Conference Room for effective presentations and meetings. When your corporate

Conference Meeting Room

environment requires audio/video, telecommunication and integrated control systems, you need to ensure that you are making a wise investment that will adjust to your requirements as technology and your needs change.

Corporate environments have varying needs, from internal uses such as board meetings, executive communications and training, to external uses like sales and marketing. AVCAS Inc understands these requirements and can develop a custom solution to accommodate any business culture or architectural vision.

AVCAS Inc. creates custom audio, video, and lighting solutions for any size business. Our design and installations maintain a solid track record of customer satisfaction and repeat business. The integration of  information technology and high quality audio/visual components requires constant evaluation and training. User friendly operation is the key element to the success of corporate integrated systems.

Digital Signage

Image performance is what separates us from other digital signage companies.

AVCAS Inc. builds digital signage solutions using equipment that is designed to withstand the rigors of critical operations while displaying crisp imagery to ensure clarity.

Our digital signage solutions are perfect for communicating messages to your customers and your employees. When you work with a AVCAS Inc. we’ll consult with you to ensure optimal placement for maximum exposure of your message while protecting your investment from wear.

Our years of industry experience, expertise, and flexibility allow us to deliver you a custom solution that meets your needs.


Distributed Audio

Whether you’re looking to add distributed audio or upgrade your current systems, you need an expert solution that consistently performs.

You rely on distributed audio to provide emergency notifications, generate “pink” or “white” noise to create sound masking for busy environments, and play music to create the right kind of experience for your people.

AVCAS Inc. has broad experience in the sale, design, and installation of distributed audio systems for corporations. We provide a full range of services including an initial consultation to learn your needs, pre-sales advice, full installation by our experienced technicians, and post-sales support to help you get the most from your new system.

Video Walls

From the boardroom to the break room, video walls are playing a greater role in the way corporations engage with their people.

Visually impressive, video walls provide high resolution content across multiple screens. Whether a formal presentation, looping video content, or sharing advertising, your video walls need to consistently perform.

AVCAS Inc. sources its video walls from top industry providers, leveraging both LCD and LED panel displays to manage your display and energy consumption needs.

Our team understands that the location, layout, and size of the displays are critical to getting you the results you’re looking to achieve. We work with key stakeholders on your team during the initial consultation, through implementation, and during the post-sales support.




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