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You’ve just bought that big TV you’ve been wanting for years or that home theater system is finally finished… Why does Steve Buscemi look a tad bit orange? Or why does the grass on that gorgeous football field have a blue hue?

Well that’s where we come in!

AVCAS Inc. provides clients with the quality of professional video and amazing color in the convenience of their own home… In short, we provide you with the viewing experience you are meant to have and frankly the one you deserve. 

Our teams skills, knowledge and excellent work ethic have allowed us to work with many manufactures, AV dealers and integrator, professional sport franchises and athletes over the past 16 years.  We pride ourselves on getting it right and making sure you enjoy your viewing experience to fully extent available through customization of your devices. 

We provide calibration and consulting services for all types of Home Theater video and video devices (such as projectors, DVD players, HDTV boxes, Blu-ray player etc, all of these devices have their own output which means, the color projected can be different for the same exact movie depending on what device you decide to watch it on that day.


A lot of people are but… Don’t panic! We can help with all of that! These devices just need a little tweaking to look their best.

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